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November 12, 2008


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What a great idea! My little girl loves playing with my wallet (and pulling everything out) which is why I don't let her. I could get her her own. Hmmmm.

Jane Anne

My boys love magnifying glasses! What a good idea to bring one (or 3?!) along when we go out.


Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these; I'll definitely be putting them to good use for my toddler :o)

rachel K

great tips! My kids love tic tacs. I will let my two-year-old play with an almost empty container. This works well, but who's not looking for more tips?!


Great ideas!
I have a toddler and I often buy him a single serve chocolate milk and let him drink it while I'm shopping (many times I have a coupon for the Nestle ones making them $.25 each)

One of my grocery stores gives cheese at the deli case, and cookies at the bakery for kids and he knows we visit one of those places before we leave the store if he's been good.

He also loves to help me load the conveyor with groceries & helps scan if we go to the U-scan. He feels big when he gets to help.

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